Bounces and buckets – New guitar world champ, and the dangers of “does not plead”

Today’s bounce ($0.02 on a random topic) celebrates Aus’s very own new guitar world champ; and the bucket ($0.02 on a legal principle) is a pleading point – the best sort of point!

Congrats to Dylan Reavey, the 2019 Guitarist of the Year.

As a fan of funk, maestros and Mario, it was a cracking way to wake up today to watch him shredding his axe (aka playing his guitar) while wearing a Mario Kart hat and rocking a great hair and moustache combo.

GO DYLAN! Doing us proud.

Now for the bucket.

You’re doing a Defence.

You have to plead to an allegation which is not made directly against your client. Should you “does not plead”?

In Rockcote v FS Architects [2008] NSWCA 39 at [62]-[63], Campbell JA said that a “does not plead” is the same – for pleading purposes – as an admission.

So, when you are “not pleading” to a paragraph, just imagine you’re admitting, and do a gut-check.

Alright see ya. JD #bouncesandbuckets

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