Bounces and buckets – Equal pay for the Matildas and joining parties

Today’s bounce ($0.02 on a random topic): Equal pay for the Matildas! Great stuff!

The bucket ($0.02 on a legal principle): joinder – when should you do it?

It is being widely reported that the Matildas are about to reach a deal in which they get equal pay as their male counterparts, and share commercial revenue and prize money equally. That’s great news – good stuff by all those involved, and go the Matildas!

Now, joinder – when should someone be added as a party?

In John Alexander’s Clubs Pty Ltd v White City Tennis Club Ltd (2010) 241 CLR 1 at [131], the High Court answered the question by agreeing with a submission that where the court is invited to make, or proposes to make, orders directly affecting the rights or liabilities of a non-party, the non-party is a necessary party and ought to be joined.

So, if someone might be directly affected by the orders sought, that person probably should be a party to the case.

Alright, JD out. #bouncesandbuckets

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