SPECIAL EDITION: Boomers and buckets — jinxes and family contracts

Today’s bounce — my $0.02 on jinxes. When things are going well, never say anything! The bucket — $0.02 on family contracts — are there any presumptions? Ah, the Boomers! What a performance in the World Cup. They’ll be better when Big Ben joins in! Bring on the Olympics. And that’s why I didn’t sayContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION: Boomers and buckets — jinxes and family contracts”

Bounces and buckets — what day is it and can a contract be terminated?

’m back. It’s Wednesday — much to my dismay. Allow me to elaborate. I woke up thinking it was Thursday and I only had to get through two days until Friday night. But then I checked my phone to make sure, and the crushing truth of being on the underside of the mid-week hump dawned on me. Even coffee hasContinue reading “Bounces and buckets — what day is it and can a contract be terminated?”

Bounces and buckets — Rest and strange contracts

Hi there! Welcome to bounces and buckets. Bounces — my $0.02 on what is happening in my brain. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Buckets — my $0.02 on a legal concept. Hopefully swishing through with nothing but net. I came across an article saying that Lebron James gets 8 to 10 hours sleep a night. Wowsers.Continue reading “Bounces and buckets — Rest and strange contracts”