Bounces and buckets – Elena Delle Donne and conflicting statutes

Today’s bounce – my $0.02 on a basketball related topic – is Elena.

She is the newest member of the 50-40-90 club and the first in the WNBA to do it. That is, she just shot over 50% for 2, 40% 3 pointers, and 90% free throws. Very rare accomplishment – reserved to great shooters like Steph, Reggie, KD, and Elena. But check that free throw percentage – 97.4 in the last season!!!!

Whaaaattt!!! Steph and Steve Nash currently best ever in NBA at 90.4. Elena is crushing them with a career percent of 93.4%!!!! Respect to Elena, the GOAT from the line. Appreciate greatness.

Now to the bucket – $0.02 on a legal principle. In a recent bucket I mentioned statutory interpretation where one must interpret a statute with conflicting internal provisions. What about two conflicting statutes?

Where that happens, one must strive to read the conflicting statutes together (as opposed to, for example, saying that the later enactment impliedly repeals the earlier). A convenient discussion of this concept can be found in Re Maritime Union; Ex parte CSL Pacific (2003) 214 CLR 397, [2003] HCA 43 at 411 [28] per Gleeson CJ, McHugh, Gummow, Kirby, Hayne, Callinan and Heydon JJ.

Back soon. JD #bouncesandbuckets

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