Bounces and buckets — Nerves , and reading regulations with statutes

Hi! Here’s another bounce and bucket. Today’s random $0.02, aka the bounce, is nerves; and bucket is reading Regulations! What fun!

Game 5, scores tied, Dame Lillard (Portland vs OKC) casually dribbles over half court – only just. Stares down the defender. And with 2 seconds left, puts up an outrageously long 3. Drains it.

Stadium (and me in Sydney) goes nuts. Gets smothered by teammates — and his expression: calm. Just doing his job.

So, next big moment, try not to get nervous. Just take care of your business and believe in yourself!

Now, the bucket. If you have regulations made under a statute, do you read the two independently? No!

In Master Education v Ketchell (2008) 236 CLR 101 at [19], the High Court emphasised that regulations are to be construed according to ordinary principles of construction — which requires that they be placed in their statutory context. And, in the case of regulations, the context includes the legislation under which they are enacted, with which they are required to be consistent.

So, next time you are construing a set of regulations make sure that the interpretation is consistent with the statute.

JD #bouncesandbuckets

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